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U srijedu 26. veljače u zagrebačkom Vintage Industrialu nastupit će psihodelični folk stoner rock bend iz Perua The Dead-End Alley Band. Kako bi bolje saznali kakvi su glazbeni utjecaji među rockerima u Peruu, zamolili smo bend da nam predstavi svojih 7 presudnih. I tehnička napomena oko koncerta: vrata 20:00 h | Koncert 21:30 h | Karte: 40/50 kn | Prodaja: DOS (Tratinska 18) / Grif & VIB (Savska 160) te online putem Entrio sustava.

The Phantom's Divine Comedy - "Part 1" (1993.)

This album was the album that made us think about a sort of original sound. A gloomy, psychedelic, theatrical, introspective one.

The Doors - "Waiting For The Sun" (1968.)

This was the way he felt in love with The Doors, because, when he was zapping, he stopped by a scene of naked people dancing around a pyre, and it was a scene from The Doors Movie. The music playing during that scene was Not To Touch The Earth, from that album. He loved that, and searched for the song. He realized it was from Waiting For The Sun album, and from that moment, he felt in love with that album.

Jerry Cantrell - "Boggy Depot" (1998.)

He loves Alice in Chains, and this album is from his guitarist, as a soloist. When he first heard this album, he realized that, even repeating it, he didn't get bored of listening to it. He listens to this album at all times, for every occasion.

Deep Purple - "Machine Head" (1972.)

For him, the year 72 was the year in which the best records in the history of rock and roll came out, and among them, was Machine Head, from Deep Purple. He loves Deep Purple, but Machine Head was the album he liked the most. Thanks to this album, Javier adopted many influences in the way Roger Glover (bassist) has to play, and this influences are what he still uses till today.

OST - "Fantasía" (1940.)

Disney's Fantasia was the movie that inspired me to start making music. I loved the way the music captured me with the images, and with that, I realized I wanted to create music that could make people imagine landscapes and emotions. That's why I'm music right now. That's why this album or movie is really important in my life as a musician.

Fleetwood Mac - "Then Play On" (1969.)

He believes that this record, made him connect with himself, opening him new possibilities to play in a much more honest, clean way, where he could flow without having to do poses or techniques that denote "virtuosity." Reveal what you feel.

Alice in Chains - "Face Lift" (1990.)

That album saved Renato from an episode of depression. In the lowest moment of his life, he listened to the album and made him want to play drums. From that moment, not only did he overcome that episode, but he also began to play drums and devote himself to music.